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movie with the worst plot in 2009. very expensive special effects every 5 secounds, no scene longer than 2 secounds, idiotic dialogs, main actor is no longer the main figure but his mom, this retarded special agent or maybe the random fag from the college, some autobots get a idiotic image because they talk nothing else but shit all the time. and so on...
i was sad to see how the oportunity for a great movie was throwen away. this movie could have been epic. i mean... even superbad was more serious than this shit. seriously WHAT THE FUCK!
when i saw transformers 2 in the cinema, i was like wtf is this shit -.- and there was a fucking moron next to me who lauged at every single lame joke in the movie. epic fail!
by 23512322322 July 13, 2009
The triumph of hope over experience.
People went to see Transformers 2 hoping it would take them back to their "glory days" when they watched the cartoon. Alas, Michael Bay is still a shitty director and the franchise is an insult to anyone who remembers their childhood with any fondness.
by JustAnotherGuy October 04, 2012
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