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Being in the state of mind where you can't stop laughing at the words Daniel Tosh from Tosh.O finds in the urban dictionary.
I got hella toshed the other night when I watched Tosh.O
by goofygirl19 May 27, 2010
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Stoned esp. from inhaling marijuana smoke. Derived from the name of late reggae star Peter Tosh.
"Fuck man i was so toshed yesterday from that joint"..

"Hey Milo bruss, you should come over tonight with some marley and we'll all get toshed"
by Jarrah86 January 01, 2008
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When you have have an old man rub his naked genitial on your bare naked back while laying down.
I was just watching Tosh.0 and seen an old man naked on top of Tosh (while laying naked on his belly) rubbing his genitalia on Tosh's body. Yep, Tosh just got Toshed!
by OJAM May 31, 2011
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