A man of great intelligence, one who can write from his heart and soul. Polite and does not use "text language". Usually talented in some place, let it be singing, dancing, writing, speaking etc. Also usually very attractive.

Also known as the guy that created MySpace. Some like to say "F**K YOU TOM" when MySpace breaks down, but not all Tom's created MySpace and decided for it to break down.
Girl One: "Wow that tom is gorgeous."
Girl Two: "I agree, he is pretty smokin'. I heard that he is really intelligent and can write."

Girl One: "Ohh, just what I want in a guy. I also heard that a tom is ussually talented. Maybe this one is?"
Girl Two: I wish I had a TOM
by lotsofspots November 04, 2013
Cockney rhyming slang for jewellery, preferably something classy and not a sovereign ring.

Abbreviated from tomfoolery.
That's a nice bit of tom you've got there, luv!
by A total Kent December 31, 2010
An older man who frequents clubs in order to score with a much younger woman. A male cougar. (Reference to a literal male cougar)
A tom without a kitten is like a dog without a bone.. and I just boned that kitten before Tom.
by penumbras April 07, 2010
A shorthand for "tomorrow." Used because tomorrow is a bitch to spell and is way longer than it should be.
"Hey, aren't you supposed to meet that girl today?"
"No, dog. I meet her tom."
"Hell yah man, totally do her."
- A normal conversation

"Tom, tom, tom, tom only a day away!"
- Sound of Music

"The Day After Tom"
- A shorthand for the movie "The Day After Tomorrow"
by RedMarker February 23, 2009
Word for gentlemen to explain ladies moods without saying its "Time Of the Month"s fault
Gent 1; "oh she's In a real mood today"

Gent 2; "it's probably T.O.M.s fault"
by A-nun-ymous May 27, 2015
Tom is usually a quite lad with a meaningful heart, usually toms have very small penises which makes them very shy. Toms dont like attention, but when they are in the limelight they love it. He can be nice some of the time, and other times he is an asshole. Nobody really likes a tom, unless they have very big pockets. Becareful if you every meet a tom.
Toms aren't good in the bedroom departments
by Hovis 50/50 May 14, 2015
Slutty man. Can be used to describe slutty women who don't behave like most "ladies" hence the word: Tomboy. Tomcats are horny men on the prowl. Derived from Thomas. May have some correlation with "Doubting Thomas" in the Bible.
Tammy Tomato is a tomboy that's always being chased by all the horny tomcats. You didn't think she was just friends with all those guys did you?
by DoubleTurdBurger May 07, 2015
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