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Slang for the word tomorrow. Usually used in text messages and online chat.
What are we doing tom?

I dont know, you tell me.
by L and N Dawg November 04, 2010
Commonly used military term for a private soldier in the army.
The floor needs sweeping.

Ok, I'll get a TOM to do it.
by blackninja980 September 21, 2007
A geek that makes preppy girls happy around the world by creating myspace which happens to have server errors every 5 minutes. He is responsible for making this generation go down the drain because it`s what every other teenager talks about every 5 minutes.
&& ii L0oVE TOM. HE iiS S0o DREAMY F0oR MAKiiNG MYSPACE, LiiKE, C0oMMENT 0oN MY PAGE, GiiRLiiE~! x0xo <333
by iHateEmos June 12, 2007
A fat ugly bitch who thinks he's the man.
Look at him, he's such a Tom
by tomsfat June 18, 2014
A person who uses Urban Dictionary to prove a point and doesn't known what an oxymoron is.
Guy 1: It says your're gay in the urban dictionary.

Guy 2: You edited that, man you're such a tom.
by _Mate May 28, 2013
Time Of Month - for those of you that don't understand - a female's menstruation period.
"Agh, TOM's visiting"
"Do you want some paracetamol??"
by flingtoncircle February 10, 2012
best boyfriend a girl can ever ask for, smart caring and loveable.. his smile can light up the world and he makes people want to be the best they can be. very special and good at athletics. somone who deserves the world and is worth loving
" i love tom so much, i wish i could get him"
by Julia kockel January 12, 2012