Describing something that is both classy and fancy.
The definition of something fancy and classy is Clancy. Naturally we pick the most bad ass person with the last name Clancy, who is Tom Clancy.
"Hey man how does my shirt look?"
"Bro, that shirt is straight Tom."
by Smith2046 June 03, 2014
Tom the bomb is by far the most awesome brother this world has to. He is a funny witty dude who doesn't know how to shave, and I'm pretty sure he has a phobia of having his hair cut, but ah well no one is perfect. Except me. Alas, I digress. He's a good brother when he's not skyping his woman or playing skyrim, which is never, but he gives awesome hugs so I ain't complaining. Blonde hair, freaky grey blue eyes and the cutest little button nose on this planet. A comrade in arms and a WoW player to boot.
I wish I had a brother like Tom... Yeah well, sucks for you.

Tom really needs to stop playing Skyrim...and being such a player. Seriously dude, you're making me look bad.
by Gibus December 12, 2013
Slang for the word tomorrow. Usually used in text messages and online chat.
What are we doing tom?

I dont know, you tell me.
by L and N Dawg November 04, 2010
time of month
hey yeah shorty has t.o.m. visted you anything soon
by the orignal curlz December 14, 2003
(Acronym) - Meaning "Tweaked Out Monk" (the only way to worship) - used when free-styling, flowing, dropping some lyrics, entertaining through visual stimulation. All the while producing some interesting and funny yet unusual results. Tweaked out Monks would bring you to the temple to worship and might intoxicate you with a psychedelic drug that will give you the sensation of seeing their god. (eg. "Drinking the Kool-Aid")
I swear when i got to the temple, a bunch of TOMs got me wasted on Soma. I swear I saw Krishna.
by Find the Good April 09, 2015
Tom's are the most funniest, and awesome people you can be around. a Tom usually has a likeness to Julia's, Partying, sports, and video games.
(Guy 1): WHO IS THAT GUY????
(Guy 2): Oh that's just Tom. All of the girls hang around him for some reason.
(Guy 1): I wish I was him.
by Neath January 08, 2015
someone who buys a nissan 180sx and crashes it into a fence in the first week of ownership . ......twice . not crashes it twice . two separate cars . 5 years apart
oh fark i just did a tom . crached the 2nd car
by jeffe June 13, 2014
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