The act of toaster head is fulfilled when a female carries out the act of biting and grinding her teeth together while giving a male oral satisfaction.
"Dude, my dick hurts after Nicole gave me toaster head. I'm putting on some icy hot and going back to World of Warcraft."
by Toaster Head Effender March 18, 2009
Top Definition
Toasterhead is a label. It is used about punk males with heavy underarms (and a body to match!), lots of tattoos, preferrably some piercings and a fairly round facial type. (Goes with the body...)They usually have a good vibe attatched to them, they're not pissed off old punk dudes.
Benji Madden and most of the rest of the guys in Rancids "Fall Back Down" vid are Toasterheads.
by MiaTheCat708 January 30, 2006
cool fyad poster who makes (made) cool flash videos based on the forum in question
Did you see that one fyad fyad lol that toasterhead made? dude it was tnt.
by uberdog July 29, 2003
toasterhead made a new FYAD FYAD LOL!!
by what guys lol July 29, 2003
cool beans guy
toasterhead is poppin' fresh, dood
by Lowtacks July 29, 2003
The best band in the world---the one from buffalo MN
Pat, Smude, Barry, Reese, Jared, and Ryan, are in Toasterhead
by Pat December 30, 2003
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