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Any non-specific malady affecting one's ability to interact under the rules of normal social contract.
There is something off with that dude. Everytime I leave a conversation with him I just don't feel right. He's got some sort of tism.
by JungleKitty November 14, 2014
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T.I.S.M. (This is Serious Mum)

An Australian post-modern band. They take the essence of being Australian to a whole new level.

The best example is the song "The parable of Glenn Mcgrath's haircut"
Don't leave your sister and Tism in the same room.

"I saw his body thrashing round,
I saw his pulse rate going down,
I saw him in convulsive throes,
I said i'll have one of those."

Lyrics "He'll Never be an old man River"
by H.B. Flaubert September 29, 2005
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A bunch of alcoholic child-beaters. Coincidently, they make music.
Tism abused my son, but their new CD is pretty cool.
by Ya Mum July 12, 2003
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That random ass hoe Joe (Joehoe) is hardcore tism with his grapefruit lookin ass
by Seeeee the future March 15, 2017
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Means fucked up, from the band of the same name. a fucked up situation. someone who is acting weird?!
this is fucking tism, man.
i am feeling pretty tism.
fucking tism.
by John Smith December 04, 2004
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