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1. Having less than enough time to complete a given task
2. Having no sense of time
1. I am so timefucked on this homework.
2. What is today again? God I am timefucked.
by Someone Better Than You... February 22, 2009
When daylight savings time ends and the clocks "fall" back you have trouble grasping the actual time.
Jason: what time is it?
Kristi: 9 o'clock
Jason: The clock says nine so it's an hour earlier.

Kristi: I already changed the clocks.

Jason: Damnit!! I'm time fucked.
by Lil Jensen November 06, 2011
The inability to finish a set piece of work due to the intervention by an all-powerful, omniscient force; often confused with procrastination.
"Those two BAMFs, Ross and Kevin, are so timefucked. They never seem to do their homework"
by Nivek725 November 30, 2008
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