After taking a shit, the male must not whipe his ass. Immediately afterwards he titty fucks his significant other, leaving a tiger stripe.
I took a killer shit the other day and tiger striped my girlfriend right afterwards, it was great!
by CowPunk September 10, 2006
Top Definition
The new slang for "stretch marks".
I have an animal instinct so bad that I wouldn't mind having sex with a woman with stretch marks because to me their like tiger stripes.
by SouloCutz September 22, 2008
Defenition: Licking the region from anus to ballsack with one fluid tongue stroke.

Background: Invented while playing H*lo 2, Tiger Stripe became an instantly popular insult all over Xb*X Live, and frog pond apartments
N.- Shut your mouth or I'll make you give me a Tiger Stripe.

V.- HOLY CRAP!!! Jimmy just Tiger Striped Brendan!!
by FrogPondBangaz April 25, 2005
stretch marks on the skin, which resemble the stripes on a tiger
Brenda just had a baby, now she has tiger stripes all over her stomach.
by crumb October 18, 2004
When one gets a series of stretch marks on their buttocks.
Bart: I got stretch marks on my ass from doing crazy squats at the gym.

Lisa: You've got tiger stripes! owned
by SwagNinja July 21, 2012
The unflushed remnants left in the toilet bowl after a particularly explosive poo. The polar opposite of a "four man bob."
Otherwise known as "scorch marks."
Muriel, fetch me the bleach. Some little bleeder has left tiger stripes in the khazi!
by hobbesy July 26, 2005
A term used to describe a woman's belly after just having a child. In other words, stretch marks.
Honey dont look at my stomach. I've got really bad tiger stripes
by Bobbei Baby February 21, 2011
stretch marks located anywhere on the body for women with curves
booty & breasts stretch marks
by Chameleon17 July 27, 2012
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