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an extremely hot and sexy guy who is like a player but if he gets caught no one cares
that guy mike is a forrester
by Crumb July 23, 2003
stretch marks on the skin, which resemble the stripes on a tiger
Brenda just had a baby, now she has tiger stripes all over her stomach.
by crumb October 18, 2004
one who has about four cars in their driveway and or yard, hick redneck,rascist who constantly blames everything that goes wrong on the niggers.
you know who is a kusepski ...Billy
by Crumb August 17, 2003
lol@ mousey looking for this.. dummy
mousey is a failture @ life
by crumb October 10, 2004
homosexual crack fiend ,emo ,with brite blond hair, also known as sunshine
chiris is a dove
by Crumb August 17, 2003
short for Fettuccini, which is slang for money.
"I couldnt loan him $500 dollars because my fetti is low"
by crumb October 18, 2004

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