1. To thrash a person or thing is to harm them severely
2. To thrash a car is to drive it harshly & disrespectfuly
3. To thrash an opponent in a competition is to win by a large margin
4. To thrash a woman is to penetrate her forcefully, with your penis or otherwise
5. A genre of short fast and loud music
1. Do that again and I'll give ya a thrashing!
2. I thrashed my parents' car when they were on holiday.
3. We'll thrash ya in tonight's game!
4. See that blondie over there? Thrashed her last night ay.
5. Oi, i feel like headbanging, put that Slayer album on.
by Brammo November 25, 2005
Top Definition
The most ass kicking form of music on this planet.
(Literally too,you're bound to end up with a big headache after all that headbanging)
Iced Earth,early Metallica,early Megadeth,Slayer,Kreator.
by Uberdeth November 20, 2003
A style of metal derived from speed metal like Motörhead and Judas Priest, influenced by hardcore punk such as Discharge and Bad Brains. Faster and more focused on rhythm than traditional heavy metal; the guitar riff is the absolute center of thrash metal, and many thrash bands (Dark Angel in particular) are famous for cramming as many riffs as they can into every song. Lyrics are primarily sociopolitical/(anti-)religious, or focused on mindless violence (often tongue-in-cheek); vocals have the widest range of any metal genre, from hardcore punk shouts to melodic singing to death metal growls.

Thrash began in the early 80s; depending on who you ask, the first thrash band was Metallica, Exodus, Overkill or even Venom. Thrash is best enjoyed by headbanging or moshing.
Bay Area thrash: Metallica, Testament, Death Angel, Heathen
East Coast thrash: Anthrax, Overkill
German thrash: Kreator, Sodom, Destruction
Modern thrash: The Haunted, Dew Scented -OR- Toxic Holocaust, Hypnosia (differing schools of thought)
by Pyrus August 26, 2004
The outright wilin' out of a single person or group of people. Can be used as verb, adjective, noun, etc. Basically can replace any word in a sentence.
"2 Bottles of MD 20/20, thrash it up with Weston."


"Talk trash, get thrashed."
by DjThrasher May 05, 2009
music often refered to as sounding like Kreator or Slayer. though also refered to as a more aggressive form of hardcore punk rock similar to.. DRI, GAUZE, TOTAL FURY, DAS OATH, WHN?,MINORTHREAT, LARM, BGK, RIPCORD, HERSEY, SIEGE, DROPDEAD ETC ETC.
dude, i fukkin love thrash. it makes me wanna circle pit. play fast or die.
by jessiah the messiah February 15, 2005
An aggressive style of skateboarding.
"What do you thrash?" she says.

"What do you got?" he says.
by Richard Halsted August 04, 2005
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