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A Thoss is a combination of a Thug and a Boss. Not many people are certified enough to maintain this title.
Bob: " Dude I just robbed a girl scout "
Tom : " Cool man what are you going to do with the cookies ? "
Bob: " Sell them .... with interest"
Tom: " OMG Bob , youre such a Thoss "
Bob : Fuck yeah.
by Jovian Queen June 26, 2011
A recently coined baseball term, combining the words "hoss" and "toss". So, when a dude throws a kickass, beeline, right-on-the-money throw from third base over to first to get the runner out, or the left-fielder guns down a guy going home from the warning track, he has thrown a "hoss toss", or simply a "thoss".
"Did you see that thoss from Ichiro in the bottom of the third?"
by Ben Keeler May 16, 2007

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