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a quick and direct route (from the belief that bees take such routes when they return to their hives)
I made a beeline for the bathroom to get cold water.
by The Return of Light Joker December 23, 2008
a bee line is organic hemp that has been dipped in beeswax and used to smoke bowls of marijuana. the user lights the bee line on fire, roasts the bowl with it, and then extinguishes it.
Joe Jonas: dont use the lighter man, use the bee line!

Patrick: what the fucks a bee line?
by PGsoloman5000 September 17, 2009
When walking behind a group of slow moving people, this is the act of strategically moving yourself to get around these people.
Me: The people in front of us could not be walking any slower!
Friend: Let's beeline!
*Friend and I swerve around these people and end up in front of them*
by carcarmarmar October 08, 2013
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