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(adjective) real, down-to-earth, family oriented and offers a lot to others.
That guy is Jani - any girl will be happy with him!
by qtbrownie321 February 01, 2009
1.Your insignificant other, the women every man wants to cherish. The feminine who is superior is not only looks, but intelligence and strength.

2. The girl of which hides her true emotions, wanting everyone's happiness to come before hers. She is usually depressed often because of the people around her not understanding.

3. The girl who overthinks the judgement if people, and is a perfectionist. Not wanting to cooperate easily, and speaks her mind if she wishes.
1. Now, that I've found my Janis, I will be the happiest man alive.

2.I wish she would stop being a Janis and have fun with us!

3. Her painting was so beautiful it looked like Janis had painted it.
by Jake Nolem March 20, 2015
Janis can be used as a slang term for cocaine. It comes from the 60's and 70's singer Janis Joplin who used the drug excessively.
"Yo home slice lets go pick up a gram of Janis."
by stay trill February 10, 2007

1: To confuse and complicate an otherwise normal or simple situation to a point of complexity that assures failure.

2: To interrupt a conversation or situation with irrelevant information with extreme enthusiasm or distress.

3: Turning a normally boring topic of conversation into a self deprecating comedic event.

4: To flail around and huff and puff and generally spazz out repeating “Oh My God It’s Hot in Here!
1: We were planning a picnic but Herb really Janised it up.

2: Did you see Maxine Janis that debate in the office earlier? I mean really what do cupcakes have to do with the Iran Contra scandal?

3: Man when Glen told that story about weeding his garden he really Janised it! I was nearly in tears it was so funny!

4: Martina burst into the roomed Janised around for a few minutes and left. Man that was weird.
by Johar97 July 18, 2010
Super frizzy medium or long length hair that looks a lot like Janis Joplin's hair in the '60's.
I had a really bad hair day today. Totally Janis.
by Bagitbabe August 18, 2008
An extremely evil woman. She will usually have long, dark,curly hair. She is extremely attractive, but beware the spider's web! Janis has multiple STD's
Oh, Janis met with the dark one today for her 2nd lesson.
by onlysoulshine April 08, 2011
the term used wen u feel horny or a pleasant sight taht creates a sensation similar to when ur bored at home n go whack off n watchin porn on ur bed while foning up a hot chick.
*o shit u make me all janis over im gonah janis sum tonight*
by pikachu March 23, 2005
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