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the best player in baseball today.
forget your home runs and MVP talks... Ichiro is simply the best player in MLB.
#incomparable #baseball #mariners #japan #spectacular #best #greatest
by KRHimself October 02, 2005
Right fielder for the Seattle Mariners. One of the best leadoff hitters in baseball. In 2004, he had 262 hits to break George Sisler's 84 year old record of 257 hits. Although he generally hits for average, he has the ability to hit homeruns as well. Also, he is one of the best defensive outfielders in baseball able to gun down runners at home plate with his strong but accurate arm.
Yep, Ichiro got another hit.
Ichiro went 4-4 today.
by trer May 16, 2005
In baseball, when a player hits a slow, short infield ground ball that has no business in hell becoming a single, yet the player reaches first base safely anyways. Named after Seattle Mariners outfielder Ichiro Suzuki.
Announcer 1: "Suzuki hits a slow ground ball...there is NO WAY that is a hit, but of course, it is."
Announcer 2: "That's not a hit. That's an Ichiro."
#baseball #hit #first base #ichiro #announcer
by neighborsiver August 01, 2009
while doing a chick from behind you stick your thumb in her ass. then wipe the "anti-glare" below your eyes just like ichiro.
me and the old lady last night were going at it doggy style and watching sports center at the same time. so in the spirit of things i popped a thumb in her ass and gave myself an ichiro.
#houdi #david copperfield #chili dog #philly steamer #spider man
by ragnars vw June 11, 2009
whilst doing a girl from behind you stick your thumb in her ass then wipe it under your eyes for antiglare.
i was nailing janene last night and i did the ichiro.
#chilidog #philly steamer #david copperifield #magician #houdini
by ragnar's vw April 20, 2011
dick, cock, penis.
Suck my ichiro, dickhead.
#dick #cock #penis #cocksucker #dickhead
by Christopher N. Hill July 31, 2008
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