The sweetest boy a Sarah, or any girl, could ask for. He knows just what to say, but can't always bring himself to say it. Some may see it as a flaw, but those who truly love him find that they even love that about him. He's also very very tall, but he's the perfect height so that when you hug him, you're right underneath his chin. He's very thoughtful and is a boss writer. He's a good cuddler, but he also shows you respect. He can show love without getting too "touchy feely." I love him so much, he's the nicest person you'll ever meet. He can't be mean- it's near impossible, there is not a single mean bone in his body. He is very smart and certainly shows it. He's not embarassed to hold your hand in front of his friends, even when he knows that he'll get teased by his band peers. He's very polite and definetly shows that he is a man of God through his actions.
"Man, that boy Thomas is so nice!"
"I know, that's why I love him!"
#sweet #kind #polite #respectable #nice
by SarahBearah May 17, 2012
is a super cool guy who iz da best usually a guy!
guy 1:ur such a thomas
guy 2: thanks!!:)
#super #cool #sexy #brill #fab!!
by ted1997 October 31, 2008
The Prussian Royal Line of Germany. Thought to be the greatest name in German History
The descendants of the Thoma line are said to be of the highest importance.
#important #noble #honorary #supreme #royal
by Proffesor Jeffrey Thomas, Yale August 10, 2008
An amazing guy that will always be by your side no matter what, he is a great friend that is smart and romantic. He is athletic,active,and a hardcore gamer.
Thomas you are a great friend.
#rose #athletic #chill #awesome #gamer
by RosesAreAwesome July 10, 2014
The most amazing boyfriend ever. Sweet, cute, short, and my other half(: I love him. Loveeeee, Carli
I love you Thomas.
#thomas #short #sweet #cute #amazing
by Carli Karissa June 16, 2010
everything with the world will be right again. Thomas is the best friend anyone could possibly wish for. Incredibly sexy, even though he knows it, Thomas will make you melt in the bedroom under his hands. Contrary to popular believe, Thomas has a massive penis. Thomas has the power to break your heart every single day, but chooses not to, and that's what makes him a good egg. A great husband, father and friend, any girl would be lucky to have him. If you have a Thomas, he will make you laugh, smile at the stupidest times, screw up and the make amends with the best and only way he knows how: stupid inappropriate comments that make no sense. So make him smile back, laugh with him and care for him. Oh and suck his dick often. He likes that :)

And above all: Meeting a Thomas is meeting the best human being you could ever hope to.
Man: Damn, what does he have that I dont?!
Woman: Besides a dick the size of a third leg? He's a Thomas, you don't have a chance.
#love #tom #thomas #happy #life
by Zero-Zero.PrettyEyes February 06, 2015
Most often a tall, dark and handsome white guy with dark hair, amazing smile and large penis . He is usually the smartest, coolest and best looking guy around but is so down to earth that he doesn't even realize it. He is very caring and has the most gorgeous eyes that are so hypnotizing that women fall in love just by gazing into them. He is also amazing in bed and drives women wild. Women sometimes fight over him and he doesn't even know it because they are too shy to let him know how they feel.
That Thomas is so freaking hot its unbelievable.
#fine #hot #sexy #tall #tommy
by amyjohnson168 October 09, 2013
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