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Thomas is the greatest boyfriend that anyone could ever ask for. He is the sweetest person and would never leave your side. Thomas is a best friend as well as someone who you can fall in love with instantly. He's not any average guy, he actually cares, and listens. Once you have him, you won't ever want to let him go, you'll want him to be in your arms forever. And if you do, don't let him go, it would be the worst mistake you would ever make.
Thomas M. G. You are the love of my life. I love you so much. <3 Five ever and 3 1/2 weeks.
by Isabelle-Paige January 14, 2013
A white teenager who would make the best boyfriend ever. He is so handsome and smart. Thomas's are great listeners and friends. They are great in bed and have a very large penis. Thomas's have amazing bodies and any girl would be lucky to date him.
1.Oh Thomas just went in the shower.

2.ooh I can't wait to see him naked
by Tortilla burrito November 28, 2012
Probably one of the best guy friends you'll ever have. He isn't the best looking at the beginning of your friendship, but then out of nowhere he just will become incredibly and ridiculously attractive. You'll fall for him head-over-heels without a doubt. He has such an amazing body and is tall. He looks so much better without his shirt on and with a snapback on.

Most of the time he is either black or white, or BOTH! never hispanic. He is obsessed with good music, and will one day marry a short girl that is hispanic. THE BEST PERSON EVER!
His only flaw is that he is horrible at communication and keeping in contact.
"wow, thomas is amazing.

too bad he moved away, eh?"
"yeh, i was certain i was gonna marry him."
by yourfuckingnightmare20144 December 18, 2011
The nicest guy EVER. He has the cutest blonde curly hair with blue eyes that turn green when he is upset, which is never. He has the most perfect Colgate smile anyone will ever see. He is so kind, caring and compassionate. And not to mention unbelievable in bed. The girl that has him, must keep him forever or she will loose the best thing that ever happened to her. He may keep to himself and hold things in at times, but he doesn't have to because the luckiest girl ever will listen to him and always be there no matter what. Oh yea and he's real big down there.
Thomas is the hottest piece of ass ever
by thommykins lover October 26, 2011
A person who is beautiful, handsome and is an overall sexy man with one secret..........................he has a gigantic penis. This penis has the ability to shatter women's vagina's and to bring down establishments and world order. He possesses the one ring to rule them all and he wears it on his penis. The only way to rid him of this demonic power is to chop his ferocious penis off and throw it into the fires of mordor. He likes plaid and skinny jeans and likes to discuss politics. He is the most brilliant piano player in the world and can play with his penis. Did i mention that he has a huge penis? Overall, Thomas is a great guy and battles everyday with the evil of the One Ring.
-Hey Arowyn, have you ever fucked a Thomas?
-No i haven't, but YOU SHALL NOT PASS!!!!!!!!!!!
by JewHo October 13, 2011
Thomas is a hot boy with a good looking body!
His personality is awesome and all the girls love him, he is so handsome!!!
His masculin eyebrows draws everyones attention, after getting kanoen to A girl he gets her straight to bed...
Nobody can compare to his fingering skills, and his tongue is like made of God himself!
Even better is his perfect penis, and he knows excactly how to use it for pleasuring A woman. With his skills everyone is capable of achieving an orgasm within 5 minutes!
by Teletubbies8998 August 15, 2013
The sweetest boy a Sarah, or any girl, could ask for. He knows just what to say, but can't always bring himself to say it. Some may see it as a flaw, but those who truly love him find that they even love that about him. He's also very very tall, but he's the perfect height so that when you hug him, you're right underneath his chin. He's very thoughtful and is a boss writer. He's a good cuddler, but he also shows you respect. He can show love without getting too "touchy feely." I love him so much, he's the nicest person you'll ever meet. He can't be mean- it's near impossible, there is not a single mean bone in his body. He is very smart and certainly shows it. He's not embarassed to hold your hand in front of his friends, even when he knows that he'll get teased by his band peers. He's very polite and definetly shows that he is a man of God through his actions.
"Man, that boy Thomas is so nice!"
"I know, that's why I love him!"
by SarahBearah May 17, 2012