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An amazingly sexy and really tall guy. With abs. Also used as an adjective for someone you look up to.
"Dude, that supermodel guy is SO Thomas!"
by E. Jaculate December 07, 2012
A talking blue train, that always saves the day.
"wow, we would never have made it if thomas the talking train was here.. and we where right next to a rail road."
by blomme May 30, 2012
Someone who is very sweet. Mostly a white guy and a ginger!! He is super funny and any girl would be lucky to have him as a boyfriend. He can make you laugh when you really need it but when something awkward happens he may be a little distence because he has been hurt before. Be kind to him and let him know that you are there for him.
Girl: "He is so super sweet!!"
Girl#2: " didnt you know he is a thomas!"
by ShelbyBells October 10, 2011
An amazing guy that will always be by your side no matter what, he is a great friend that is smart and romantic. He is athletic,active,and a hardcore gamer.
Thomas you are a great friend.
by RosesAreAwesome July 10, 2014
The kind of guy who is totally irresistable, with fine facial features that make women stare. His body is insane, with a perfect balance of muscle tone and mass. His laugh makes you wonder if laughs are supposed to be so sexy and his loud and confident brovado swoons you, even when it annoys you. He's hilarious and is a total kid with his friends. He likes to party but he is surprisingly sensitive with a kind of maturity you wouldn't expect. He's a complete rocko and he can't stop it.
Girl 1: "Damn, who's that dimepiece?"
Girl 2: "Idk. But he is fine as hell."
Girl 3: "His name must be Thomas cuz his hotness won't quit."
by Haleybabyyy October 19, 2013
A hunk that's sure to make you laugh and tell you the funniest stories you'll ever hear. Thomas's are genuinely kind people with big hearts who love to help others and be there for them. Not only are they kind and generous but they're also very smart in the world of politics and tend to have a strong love and dedication towards God through the relationship of Christianity. Precisely the best friend you could ever ask for and the hardest person to avoid admiring or to avoid wanting to be around. Thomas's are the all around best and are sure to make you blush when you least expect it.
girl 1 "Did you just see that guy?"
girl 2 "Yeah, he was a hunk - obviously his name must be Thomas!"
by NirvanaStruck April 19, 2013
a tank engine, train.
cho choo; you hear that? must be thomas the train
by Onecoolmuthafooker March 04, 2012