An amazing guy that will always be by your side no matter what, he is a great friend that is smart and romantic. He is athletic,active,and a hardcore gamer.
Thomas you are a great friend.
by RosesAreAwesome July 10, 2014
A person who is beautiful, handsome and is an overall sexy man with one secret..........................he has a gigantic penis. This penis has the ability to shatter women's vagina's and to bring down establishments and world order. He possesses the one ring to rule them all and he wears it on his penis. The only way to rid him of this demonic power is to chop his ferocious penis off and throw it into the fires of mordor. He likes plaid and skinny jeans and likes to discuss politics. He is the most brilliant piano player in the world and can play with his penis. Did i mention that he has a huge penis? Overall, Thomas is a great guy and battles everyday with the evil of the One Ring.
-Hey Arowyn, have you ever fucked a Thomas?
-No i haven't, but YOU SHALL NOT PASS!!!!!!!!!!!
by JewHo October 13, 2011
Someone who is very sweet. Mostly a white guy and a ginger!! He is super funny and any girl would be lucky to have him as a boyfriend. He can make you laugh when you really need it but when something awkward happens he may be a little distence because he has been hurt before. Be kind to him and let him know that you are there for him.
Girl: "He is so super sweet!!"
Girl#2: " didnt you know he is a thomas!"
by ShelbyBells October 10, 2011
everything with the world will be right again. Thomas is the best friend anyone could possibly wish for. Incredibly sexy, even though he knows it, Thomas will make you melt in the bedroom under his hands. Contrary to popular believe, Thomas has a massive penis. Thomas has the power to break your heart every single day, but chooses not to, and that's what makes him a good egg. A great husband, father and friend, any girl would be lucky to have him. If you have a Thomas, he will make you laugh, smile at the stupidest times, screw up and the make amends with the best and only way he knows how: stupid inappropriate comments that make no sense. So make him smile back, laugh with him and care for him. Oh and suck his dick often. He likes that :)

And above all: Meeting a Thomas is meeting the best human being you could ever hope to.
Man: Damn, what does he have that I dont?!
Woman: Besides a dick the size of a third leg? He's a Thomas, you don't have a chance.
by Zero-Zero.PrettyEyes February 06, 2015
The strong guy who runs for the door when it is most needed, he grants you with a new book and smiles at you charmingly. Then chasing after the girl he is willing to impress, he trips over.
Wow, you'e being so Thomas-y lately and its actually quite pleasant.
by supercosti October 04, 2014
Thomas is a hot boy with a good looking body!
His personality is awesome and all the girls love him, he is so handsome!!!
His masculin eyebrows draws everyones attention, after getting kanoen to A girl he gets her straight to bed...
Nobody can compare to his fingering skills, and his tongue is like made of God himself!
Even better is his perfect penis, and he knows excactly how to use it for pleasuring A woman. With his skills everyone is capable of achieving an orgasm within 5 minutes!
by Teletubbies8998 August 15, 2013
The kind of guy who is totally irresistable, with fine facial features that make women stare. His body is insane, with a perfect balance of muscle tone and mass. His laugh makes you wonder if laughs are supposed to be so sexy and his loud and confident brovado swoons you, even when it annoys you. He's hilarious and is a total kid with his friends. He likes to party but he is surprisingly sensitive with a kind of maturity you wouldn't expect. He's a complete rocko and he can't stop it.
Girl 1: "Damn, who's that dimepiece?"
Girl 2: "Idk. But he is fine as hell."
Girl 3: "His name must be Thomas cuz his hotness won't quit."
by Haleybabyyy October 19, 2013

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