the most sexy, fit, gorgeous guy on this planet. Truly amazing, would do anything for his family and friends, so nice but sensitive, mature for his age and understanding. Easy to talk to and even if he cant fix you he will try his best to make your day amazing. so caring and lovable, once you meet him, you don't think your real anymore. He is perfect in every way. Never let him go, ever.
did you see him? he was such a thomas, i want him so bad.

your amazing, you must be a thomas.

have you met your thomas? I have. :)

wow, I love you tom be mine forever.

i dont feel real around you, your such a thomas
by squiggle55 March 25, 2011
Coolest guy ever. He is good looking, sociable, intelligent and athletic. Everything a women is looking for. Anyone that is friends, or more, with him is very, very lucky. He is popular and will answer any question you give him.
Susan:"Oh that boy is so good looking and intelligent, I

really want him."
Lucy: "Yeah, he's such a Thomas."
by Manipulator Boy February 16, 2011
a guy who has a large penis and knows how to use it. drives the ladies crazy and knows just what to say. Always there to listen to people no matter what the situation. often has an obsession with the store formally known as "wa wa" or in other words 711.
Girl: I slept with him last night, he's such a thomas!
by lyndenboo July 10, 2010
A guy that is quite good at several specific things, like chemistry, trumpet, soccer, hand-eye coordination. He may just seem like your average, rather good-looking young man, but will surprise you with his hidden abilities to skate extremely fast, solve a rubik's cube, think up extremely rude yet effective insults at an extraordinary pace. Also rather nice and modest, all-around a great guy.
1. Frightened Survivor of a Nuclear War 1: Oh no, we have no food, fuel, shelter or heat!

Frightened Survivor of a Nuclear War 2: Don't worry, Thomas will just fashion us an entire new civilization from this ripped pamphlet and a bit of embroidery thread.
by 1234567890abcdefghijklmnopqrst March 17, 2010
A really nice guy that will always be there for you as a friend or more. Someone you will grow to love for his kind ways. He is fun to talk to and a very good boy friend. He is very good looking . Drop dead gorgeous & sexy. He will probably deny it.He is a REALLY good friend which you will not regret meeting. He is adorable & has a beautiful smile & perfect lips. He is very sweet & will do anything for a friend. He puts his friends before himself. He is also very understanding He has the greatest personality. You will not want to let go of him. His favorite number is 123.He is amazing beyond words & has the most BEAUTIFUL BLUE EYES.
That guy thomas is amazing.
by robot rocket jellybear April 23, 2011
A noun that is the act of not studying anything ever and passing everything.
Wow I pulled an amazing Thomas on last weeks Bio test.
by Maineac February 14, 2012
A guy that is very funny, charismatic and friendly, and always right. His intellectual mind bodes well in difficult situations and his love of jack Daniels and coke leaves little change in his pocket.
Knows just how to treat a girl right and is a complete romantic at heart. Typically Yorkshire, stubborn but loveable.
girl 1 - "ooOO what did he get youuu!?"

girl 2 - "he got me a thomas!"
by raccoon-girl May 07, 2011

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