Has a abnormally HUGE PENIS ranging 24-36 inches. Always drowning in pussy. Doesn't take shit from no one and does not have CROTCH ROT! Also a beast at everything he does especially in the sack. Ladies can cook eggs and bacon on his eight pack then get down on him and ride him like a roller coaster.
dang he must be a thomas
by tboneyall September 28, 2013
An amazingly sexy and really tall guy. With abs. Also used as an adjective for someone you look up to.
"Dude, that supermodel guy is SO Thomas!"
by E. Jaculate December 07, 2012
a tank engine, train.
cho choo; you hear that? must be thomas the train
by Onecoolmuthafooker March 04, 2012
To be a lazy fuck (commonly associated with falling asleep in class, shrugging more in a conversation than actually using words,
1. "I fell asleep in class today. Blamed it on the teacher." *shrugs* "Whatever."

"So basically you thomased?"


2. "It's a miracle I only thomased my entire life but I still managed to work in McDonalds."
by yourfellowwombat December 26, 2014
An amazing guy that will always be by your side no matter what, he is a great friend that is smart and romantic. He is athletic,active,and a hardcore gamer.
Thomas you are a great friend.
by RosesAreAwesome July 10, 2014
a teenage boy who likes to play sports and loves to hang out with his friend/ girlfriend .
Thomas loves/likes Suzanna and Tianna
by sir. Thomas c. February 05, 2014
A type of sauce you put on things to make them taste like rainbows.
” Ugh this potato tastes horrible ”
”Dip it in some Thomas!”
by AceTrainer_Kyo November 30, 2013

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