The Prussian Royal Line of Germany. Thought to be the greatest name in German History
The descendants of the Thoma line are said to be of the highest importance.
by Proffesor Jeffrey Thomas, Yale August 10, 2008
the sweetest man a girl could meet. Hes always got something chraming to say that will give you butterflies
his best qualitys are loving and caring
Thomas is the best thing that happend to me
Katie fell in love with Thomas
by dancingkaytee July 29, 2011
a Thomas is a book smart but socially awkward teen. Thomas' have trust issues, but the friends/family they have they treasure, even if he doesn't show it often. However if you screw with him or his family/friends he will rip your organs out through your nostrils/
did you see Jacob beat up that Jock for pushing around the nerd kid? he broke four of his ribs! he such a Thomas
by catcatcatcatcatdogcatcatcat January 13, 2014
One is the most smartest people on the earth who will care for you forever. Thomas can be an old fanny sometimes, but if your on his good side you will see how truly amazing he is.

He is good with people, especially the ladies. Thomas is protected by many.
Id do anything to be friends with Thomas, his friends are always saying how loyal he is!
by Dorabrad October 28, 2011
A person who is the best boy ever. He might be oblivious to your crush or he might know but he doesn't make things awquard. He is incredibly kind and musically gifted he will teach u many things if u are lucky enough to get close to him
John is so good at the drums he is such a Thomas
by Superluckygal March 22, 2013
The most amazing boyfriend ever. Sweet, cute, short, and my other half(: I love him. Loveeeee, Carli
I love you Thomas.
by Carli Karissa June 16, 2010
is a super cool guy who iz da best usually a guy!
guy 1:ur such a thomas
guy 2: thanks!!:)
by ted1997 October 31, 2008

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