Cool, hip, awesome, incredible, fun, crazy, or pretty much any other good adjective you could think of.
1. You're one thog mother!
2. That was so thog!
by Arthur Francis September 20, 2007
Top Definition
A combination of sperm and mucus. Typically is created when a male is able to ejaculate in a female's nose.
A young man was dating a girl with an extremely big nose. He stuck his penis up her nose and had an orgasm. When he took his cock out of the nose, it had thog on it.
by Ben3 September 08, 2008
A foggy thought; a cross between feeling foggy and having a brilliant idea. Tired while trying to think.
Come back in an hour, I'm caught in a thog.
There's a great idea in there somewhere but right now your proposal is king of thoggy.
by jamomacju bean May 14, 2011
Titty Hard On Girl- acronym used for a female that has constantly hard nipples
damn, that girl has been poppin out all day. she is such a thog
by ernyo May 23, 2007
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