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Theology based totalitarian government
Country X claims it's a republic, but it's really a theofascist state where religious leaders can trump elected officials.
by Ebullient Gideon July 21, 2011
42 9
A hardline, usually rightwing religious fanatic determined to subvert democratic freedom and replace a constitutional republic with a government controlled by their particular religion. History has shown that theofascist states are guilty of the worst human rights abuses and warmongering. The last attempt at theofascism in America was the failed experiment in Plymouth Bay Colony.
Pat Robertson and the late Dr. James Kennedy are prime examples of persons openly declaring that our democracy must be replaced by a theofascist dictatorship that matches their world view.

Iran's current president is not just insane, he is a theofascist.

The greatest danger to freedom worldwide since WW2 is not Communism, it is theofascism
by binkydeamon February 24, 2009
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