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15 definitions by binydeamon

Member or adherent of radical rightwing Fundamentallist Christianity. Members of the Christaliban hold to extreme theocratic views and support replacing the secular constitutional government of the US with a Dominionist Christian theocracy where all non-Dominionist religions are banned and their adherents subject to state sanctioned persecution. In a Christaliban tyranny, women and gays would have no civil rights . Under the Christaliban all forms of media and art would be subject to "morality based" censorship and suppressed if deemed "objectionable". There is absolutely no difference between the former Taliban tyranny in Afghanistan and the vile tenets of the Christaliban apart from religion as both are tyrannies
Key leaders of the Christaliban include Pat Robertson, James Dobson, Donald Wildmon, Lou Sheldon, and Fred Phelps.

It has been the long standing goal of the Christaliban to impose a theocracy on America.

Despite the denials and rantings by right wing talk radio, the threat to American freedoms has never been from the Left, but the radical Right, especially the theocratic elements of the Christaliban.
by binydeamon November 28, 2010
In the drag community, tea is particularly juicy or sought after gossip or info. Often, but not always, drag drama is associated. Tea is often served during or after drag pageants, especially in online chat sites like Carrie Fairfield where gossip feeding frenzies involving the latest drag related news are a commom occurrence.
Gurl 1: Do you have the tea on the Miss Burned Out Mess 2010 pageant? Inquiring minds want to know about the one judge.
Gurl 2:Yeah, check out the thread about it on Carrie Fairfield ,the tea is being served.
by binydeamon October 26, 2010
An inept female impersonator, easily spotted by her ill fitting outfits, lack of fashion sense, abyssmal makeup, and inability to lip-synch.....similar to "booger drag", a Southern term, this is the "damnyankee" version LOL
OMG, that is one sad booger queen over there, look at her McMakeup and that ratsnest wig!

Ida Ho, a local booger queen couldn't fathom why she didn't win Miss Gay Pocatello, maybe her anime dub lipsynch had something to do with it
by binydeamon October 24, 2009
A term used to describe a particularly rabid form of "Young Earth Creationist" First coined to describe the adherents and followers of jailed Creationist Pseudoscientist Kent Hovind . Hovindists are well known for lying and falsifying evidence to support/back up their spurious claims that the Earth and indeed the Universe is only 6000 years old. They will even go so far as to attempt censorship of opposing views online with votebot attacks and by filing false DCMA reports on YouTube.
VenomFangX on Youtube is a classioc example of the typical lying Hovindists.

Ever been to the Creation Museum in Petersburg Kentucky? it is a showcase of Hovindist Stupidity and ignorance

According to Hovindist Physics, the speed of light varies thus proving young earth creationisam right and Einstein, Kepler, Newton, and Hawking wrong.

That book and website Answers in Genesis is a buch of Hovindist Baloney
by binydeamon September 05, 2009
Noun: A self-appointed, and self-righteous moralist of the fundamentallist variety. Known for demanding the world live up to their narrow world view as interpreted by Holy Scripture. Can be found in all religeons and it seems their only fun is making sure they deny fun to everyone else.
Almost always hypocritical as in do as I say, not as I do.
Today's televangelists are Neo-Pharisees.
Pat Robertson is a Neo-Pharisee.
Neo-Pharisees are more concerned with the letter of the law as opposed to the spirit of the law.
by binydeamon January 06, 2009
Status points measuring style, grace, and overall fierceness ascribed to female impersonators by their fellow drag queens'
First coined in the movie "Too Wong Foo" . As drag queens are often a catty lot, any individual queen's princess point total is subject to wild fluctuations and change at any time.
Ooh girl that was so not fierce, (snap, snap) you lose ALL your princess points.

Love the gown, major princess points Miss Thing!
by binydeamon January 13, 2009
A hardline, usually rightwing religious fanatic determined to subvert democratic freedom and replace a constitutional republic with a government controlled by their particular religion. History has shown that theofascist states are guilty of the worst human rights abuses and warmongering. The last attempt at theofascism in America was the failed experiment in Plymouth Bay Colony.
Pat Robertson and the late Dr. James Kennedy are prime examples of persons openly declaring that our democracy must be replaced by a theofascist dictatorship that matches their world view.

Iran's current president is not just insane, he is a theofascist.

The greatest danger to freedom worldwide since WW2 is not Communism, it is theofascism
by binydeamon February 24, 2009