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Mr. I'm to cool to take the Flu shot. Yes that is Joe in a nutshell. He is obviously supperior to yoink, and could probably add hair to your chest. He can only be seen in one place...and thats a secret so BACK THE FUCK OFF!
TheJoe324 banned you cause you are a fucktard.
by Onic August 16, 2004
A moderator at the boards of the formally Newgrounds Blam Club, now known as ADGBC. Also an op on #blam, (maybe it was #blamclub?) the IRC room for Blam Club. Had and probably still has the highest post count on the board. Once a good friend of mine from the days of Blam Club, to ADGBC. Our antics on IRC were like no other. After I kinda just stopped going there (not sure why) he probably doesn't even remember me.

*Marioman joined
@TheJoe324: OMG MARIO!
+Marioman: OMG JOE!
@TheJoe324: OMG!
+Marioman: OMG!
by TehMario April 18, 2006
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