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3 definitions by Onic

Mr. I'm to cool to take the Flu shot. Yes that is Joe in a nutshell. He is obviously supperior to yoink, and could probably add hair to your chest. He can only be seen in one place...and thats a secret so BACK THE FUCK OFF!
TheJoe324 banned you cause you are a fucktard.
by Onic August 16, 2004
7 5
To kill yourself by means of shooting, stabbing, etc..
Adam stabbed his friend, then shot a cop, then pulled a LiveCorpse from fear of being captured alive.
by Onic June 30, 2004
4 3
The Wild Crono- was born in the jungles of Africa where it feasts on the blood of the inocent tribal peoples. It is said that on a full moon you can see him jumping from tree to tree.
Crono- Pulled a LiveCorpse!!!
by Onic August 16, 2004
1 1