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A phrase meaning, without pretense or long explanations. Used commonly when you can't be bothered making an in-depth explanation.
"Does he, in a nutshell, fuck?"

"This is me in a nutshell, "Help! I'm in a nutshell!""
by KinGAleX April 04, 2005
summed up, condensed
The truth in a nutshell is that I knew nothing of politicis until I heard my mom's opinion on the war.
#in a nut-shell #in a nut shell #nutshell #put in a nutshell #the nitty gritty
by Light Joker August 11, 2007
1) a shortened explanation which substitutes a lengthier one.

2) (a more recent definition) stuck, cornered, unable to figuratively move
1) In a nutshell, James Buchanan was a horrible president and was a complete pussy.

2)Damnit, I don't know what to do; I'm in a nutshell!
#trouble #stuck #solutionless #problem #issues
by sayWHUTTE September 20, 2006
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