A fucking mammoth wang
John Holmes was nicknamed "THE WAD!!!"
by Matt Ross September 25, 2003
Top Definition
An obese person that scratches 50% of the day with the rest spent eating and sleeping. he will pick his nose and wipe it pretty much anywhere in the house. he will lie about anything possible to get in the conversation. He will eat anything he see's. If he see's sombody else eating his mind will automatically trigger himself to get food. He will also make annoying little noises when he breathes. He has the most minging feet u will ever see and they stink awful! He enjoys going for drunky bums and talks absolute crap when he's drunky. He wakes up at crack of dawn as soon as he hears a noise and then sits in his black chair with his shorts on and his feet out yawning all day! His laugh is so annoying and sounds like a little girl.
by Skelmersdale CCC January 16, 2010
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