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The bottom line; essentially, "This is what it comes down to." Mentioned in the movie "Swingers", subsequently mentioned in "Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire."
Everyone has a different idea about how to fix the economy, but here's the rub."

"So that's the rub?" "That's the rub."
by Balkthor April 04, 2009
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Irritation of the skin around the clambeard from a dudes facial stubble after bobbing for apples. Once commonly thought to be an STD.
Lindsay - "Remember that caveman who was walking down the hall? He totally gave me The Rub last night."
by TheRub March 23, 2009
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What's your favorite method for jerking off? For me, it's something I like to call "the rub".
Though not as popular as other methods, when done correctly "the rub" can really be quite satisfying. "The rub" is where, instead of pumping away like the typical jerk off technique you see all the time, you rub the head of your penis back and forth across your lower abdomen.
One of the key differences between pumping and "the rub" is that your dick, hand, and stomach all need to be bone dry. You may need to keep a kleenex or two handy to dry up sweat and precum.
I recommend that any guy who has never tried "the rub" before give it a go and report back on how you liked it.
dude, i totally tried "The Rub" last night
by KMC- September 08, 2005
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