A wannabe dictionary that is really nothing compared to Urban Dictionary.
See jack squat
The Marriam Webster Dictionary is a uselss piece of shit that should be burned.
by ZX2 Stud December 13, 2003
Top Definition
An imaginary dictionary, created by the inventive minds who cannot spell Merriam-Webster.
The Marriam Webster Dictionary, if it existed, would probably contain words such as uneducated, illiterate, and bumpkin.
by Rodney Basil April 26, 2004
An embarrassing misspelling of an accredited dictionary on urbandictionary.com
Hey, look at those idiots! They spelled "Merriam Webster" wrong! Oh, the irony!
by mespelgud March 24, 2004
the result of a dickweed entering a post without verifying that the entry is spelled properly.
the person who entered this posted is a stupid idiot jag off.
by your friend November 05, 2003
not really a dictionary, more of a way to advertise marriam websters
BUY your own marriam webster $2.99 a pound!!
by hex_ten November 24, 2003
A horrible dictionary that pretends to be the best when Urban Dictionary is so much better.
I got my homework answers from Urban Dictionary.com and got a C for Cexy!
by Thuperman November 05, 2003
dictionary for those who are sheltered and wouldn't be able to walk down my streets and understand anything
Sup! What's the dealy yo? E'erthing's off an' poppin. Holla!

Hello! How are you doing? We are having a good time. Goodbye.
by Mangus January 23, 2004
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