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going on, happening
What's poppin?!
by Mangus January 23, 2004
I'm telling you what I want you to think happened and taking my precious time so that it comes out believable.
I'm saying...what had happened was... I took a wrong turn... and...
by Mangus January 30, 2004
The act of having a bowel movement.
You better pull over, I need to take a grumpy.
by mangus May 24, 2004
Another term for yard candy, which is a piece of excrement left in one's yard, usually by a dog or some other animal.
Holy freakin crap, look at all those lawn cigars that dog left back here.
by mangus May 26, 2004
A stupid person; a dolt.
Dummkopf here stinks like a dead monkey because he forgot to wipe his butt again.
by mangus May 18, 2004
Any item or article that clogs up a toilet, ie: excessive amounts of toilet paper or a big, fat honkin' turd.
Hey man, your toilet's overflowing all over the bathroom floor — I dropped a major toilet choker and your sissy bowl couldn't handle it.
by mangus May 24, 2004
The act of farting out a pile of turds, as in opening the floodgates of diarrhea.
"If we don't get home soon, I'm gonna blow a butt in the car."
by mangus May 14, 2004

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