Paranoia that comes from smoking Marujuana. You'l start getting scared of everything and will turn to your friend and say "Shit, I've got the fear."
You'll start getting scared of everything and will turn to your friend and say "Shit, I've got the fear."
by Andy March 17, 2005
The feeling after blacking out where one cannot shake the apprehension about what may have transpired the night before. Just like after drinking heavily one experiences the spins, the fears occurs after blacking out and does not go away until you find out what happened
I had the fears bad so bad this morning that i called everyone i knew was at the party last night to piece the night back together
by fearmonger February 05, 2012
A dark or colorless trans dimentional phantom which feeds from the energy that a soul gives off when exposed to negitive thoughts or memories.
last night i could not sleep because THE FEAR were feeding on my negative thoughts and memories.
by Doctur November 28, 2012

That indescribable paralyzing feeling that accompanies the onset of essay and exam season near the end of a college or university semester. By a true stroke of brilliant dramatic irony, the fear strikes when you have the most at stake (or the most to do) and, having set in, forbids you to get anything done at all. Beautiful.
I hate to say this, but I think this place is getting to me, I think I'm getting the fear.

Calm down, you'll get over it.

How much money can you lend me? I have to leave the country.

Just sit the fuck down man, it'll pass.

This is serious man, one more hour in this school, I'll kill someone. Come on, I wanna leave fast.
by el sean o November 19, 2007
The Fear is obtained after a long night of drinking when your holding back a wave of liquid feces, hell bent on burning ones asshole. In this dire situation people look as though they might have seen a ghost and or like they have just witnessed a prison rape.
Khed I drank so much jager tonight...come morning Im destined to have the fear!!
by Frydae November 18, 2011
Often associated with the loss of something or a dreaded situation. The feeling of your heart being either in your throat or in your gut.
I flew by a cop going 50 over the speed limit. I was so overcome by "the fear" that I quit paying attention to the road and crashed my car.
by KD March 17, 2005
Current a concept character for Metal Gear Solid 3 : Snake Eater.

The Fear is a freak of nature with elongated limbs and an elongated tongue.
"Girls would love this guy for his tongue. lol "
by Dave September 13, 2004
Along with 'No Hands' and 'Furtive' one of the mascots of the B3TA message board. A two headed furball creature that is, by way of supernatural hypnosis, able to strike terror into the hearts of the most strong willed of individuals.
notable for the reaction given upon contact:

by Miles Pieri February 02, 2004
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