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2 definitions by TheJizzman

The feeling you experience when it's midnight, you're sitting by your pc masturbating over the sickest porn imaginable, your underwear and jeans are 20 feet away....and you hear your mum coming downstairs.
Peter felt extreme fear when he had to - in a sweating state - click the x button on the page of his necrophilia porn and stumble across the room to put his underwear and trousers on as he heard his mum coming downstairs.
by TheJizzman March 11, 2008
A hybrid would combining Metro (short for Metrosexual) and Emo. To describe that many male emos have feminine characteristics (for instance by using hair straighteners).
Peter the Eemtro stumbled around for his GHDs in order to straighten his long black hair.
by TheJizzman March 10, 2008