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A sexual position that is best performed in a bathroom stall. The receiving partner is bent over the toilet while the giver is positioned directly behind. At the point of climax, the giver dunks their partner's head in the toilet and gives it a flush while simultaneously pulling out and ejaculating in a circle around the anus aka the donut hole. The end result is the dunkin' donut.
Herb took some skank to the can he met at happy hour and that old dog gave her the dunkin' donut.
by Coach Mike K August 13, 2007

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A sex act in a bathroom stall involving a standing doggy-style posistion. When at the point of ejaculation you dunk your partner's head in the toilet and flush while at the same time cumming in a circle around the partner's anus.
Tina didn't appreciate me getting her hair wet. I don't know why she is so upset though. Hadn't she ever had The Dunkin Donut before?
by More Hank than Henry June 08, 2007