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the high class breakfast establishment that can be found on any and every street corner in massachusetts. if the one on your block happens to be open 24 hours, it's probably where all the high school kids go around midnight to detox before heading home. the butternut donuts are wicked good, but the breakfast sandwiches are a little sketchy, especially when they're on croissants.
dunkin donuts is greater than krispy kreme.
by whatup May 14, 2006
From Waleed (وليد) : Named after people who show off in public, lie to their friend and are skinny.
Synonymous : Jewish, Bastard.
Hi I'm Walid. I act like a douchbag but I'm skinny. I lie to everyone about everything. I'm lonely and I stalk my friends.
by WhatUp February 22, 2014
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