Top Definition
1. Sunrise.
2. Crack you take when you wake up.
3. Concept that will answer all your questions about God.
1. Frasier: Once I stayed up until the crack of dawn.
Gavin: Wow dude your such a badass.
Eugene: Word.
2. Derell: yo nigga whatup can i hook u up wit sum dope fly shit?
Wendell: nah man not before i get my crack of dawn.
3. What keeps God so high? The crack of dawn. What does God wipe after he takes a shit? The crack of dawn.
by misterdot April 21, 2010
Johnny Depp lover; girl who looks like a pig hater; a sunrise, a bad tan line that looks like a rising sun is comming up above your butt; blingin' blue; bad girl #5; defender of the soccer goal; Bad girl #5 tied with Erin the one and only; laugher from Chris lover of penguins; has a 'history' with Davey
dish soap; her crack is exposed when she bends over
by Erin February 26, 2005
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