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The WEEDS is a Blues & rock n roll band that was propagated in 1987 in Victoria, Vacouver island B.C. Canada,"the Garden city". The WEEDS in over 20 years of developing their roots on the island have played everything from motorcycle shows, to dog shows, pubs and clubs,special events, (and some not so special),and lots of fun biker dances, and even paid practices. Thanks to all who have helped them spread...contact info @ theweedsrock.com
The WEEDS blues & rock n roll band playing for you for over 20 years and still having fun!!
by The WEEDS February 08, 2009
a server/waiter term- To fall behind on servering your guests
I'm too busy to get these bar drinks to table 44, can you take them for me, I'm in the weeds.
by Jonathan Paul Flores October 16, 2006