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Incredible album put together by the dirty south's sickest lyricest, Ludacris. Fuck that T.I. King of the South talk. Ludacris's 4th album off Def JAm/DTP
1 Intro
2 Number One Spot- An incre
3 Get Back
4 Put Your Money
5 Blueberry Yum Yum
6 Child Of The Night
7 The Potion
8 Too Much
9 Spur Of The Moment
10 Who Not Me
11 Large Amounts
12 Pimpin' All Over The World
13 Two Miles An Hour
14 Hopeless
15 Virgo

Here's a list of shitty rappers that many people regard to be better than Ludacris but are wrong:
Chingy- Faggot who should die for helping to ruin rap with his candy ass garbage.

Nelly- Another one who sucks dick, but, I give him props for trying new shit.

Cassidy- MAkes shitty girly joints like ''Hotel'', and ''Get No Better'' then expects people to take''I'm a Hustler''(His new shitty single look out for that) seriously.

Baby/Anyone on Ca$h Money- Stupid ass muthafuckas who also did a number on rap with their gimmicky asses with shit like ''Bling Bling'' A quer ass term that a bunch of stupid ass Suburban Old women think is funny, along with stupid other white people

Thank God for Ludacris
by Oscar January 03, 2005
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