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The moment just prior to having uncontrollable diarrhoea. A red light gives you approximately 10 seconds to make it to the bathroom before wherever you are becomes ground zero for a "pooclear" explosion.
I was on the train to work this morning when without warning I got a red light and some fucker was in the bathroom! I had no choice but to go in the sink!
#diarrhoea #explosive shit #ass gravy #liquid poo #a finch moment
by braceyajax April 23, 2010
A way of telling someone to be quiet, or shut up. Or it can be used a way to interrupt.
*Girl Talking Shit*
Girl 1 - OMG. She's such a slut, like I would kick her ass.
Girl 2 - I'm going to have to red light you real quick. Stop talking shit.

*Two males in fight*
Guy - Is it a scrap? Like what's good? Nize it.
Guy 2 - Nize it? RED LIGHT, RED LIGHT. Come at me then.
#nize it #shut up #interrupt #stop talking #be quiet #shh.
by IgnoranceIsBlissTHO February 22, 2012
A warning to tell someone when they've said a sexual/racist/sexist/rude comment.
1."There are 2 things I like about THAT sweatshirt....*hint hint* your boobs."
"um, thats a Red Light comment, sir!"

2."Do all black people like fried chicken, delvohn?"
"Red light."
"oh, sorry"
#red light comment #warning #harrasment #abuse #rude comment
by Vinny Diesel August 07, 2006
1. Saying No
2. Negative
3. An immediate Decline

4. Stop
5. A shut down
6. the rejection of a proposal or suggestion
7.antonoym for greenlight
Kelly: why don't you do my Homework tonight ?
Example 1:
Erica : Redlight. I have alot of work too.

Kelly : Yeah I'd figured you'd say No lol .
Example 2
Person 1 : did you hear Max asked Kara out ?

Person 2 : No, what did she say ?

Person 1 : c'mon now dude that's an obvious Red Light
Example 3:
Jerry: do you want to go bowling Friday ?

Peter: Redlight, that's a No go , there is a party !

Jill is rambling so Kate says Redlight can you be be quiet.

etc !!!!!
#declined #no #rejection #negative #not
by PeteyCHase December 11, 2009
having sex with a girl on her period
i was red lighting this girl the other day and the condom broke so i got blood all over my dick
#period #blood #sex #fuck #redlight #pms #strawberry shortcake
by iamthesexorcist November 09, 2009
A lighted sign expressing that you should speed up and go through it.
*Engine Revs*
#zoom #fast car #red light #yellow light #green light
by JessicaVanity August 08, 2007
The red light blinkin on youre phone when someone called you or have a missed alert
Damn ma red light hasnt blink for a min
#missed call #phone call #text message #voice mail #forgotten
by done... December 12, 2008
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