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A girl's name of Semitic origin. She is sweet, cute and can be petite in size.
Rahabs are not party animals but have a few close and intimate friends. They are caring and responsible people. They can be picky when it comes to relationships but when they love, they love hard!
Rahab is so cute!
by Wambr December 30, 2011
1) Biblical character in the book of Joshua. Prostitute who helped the army of the Hebrews to conquer Jericho.

2) In Semitic languages (of which Hebrew is one, Arabic, another) the root of this name (rhb) means "vast, wide."

3) In ancient times, the name was a slang term for a promiscuous woman's genitals-- referring to her "vastness"-- this is where the english term "Broad" comes from.
Take a look at that broad. Probably has a looser goose than Rahab!
by jaytoo June 01, 2007
a prostitute who is so desperate for a customer that she is willing to pay for the privilege of servicing said customer. This is the lowest form of prostitution. Often this "whore" is frowned upon for her actions by others who partake in the honorable profession of traditional prostitution.
"I'm no Rahab! i get paid for my work"
by Cortneyi January 07, 2008
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