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This expression came from the H-game (PC)/PS2/DC/anime Kanon. Ayu Tsukimiya's line (and probably the most famous throughout Kanon). This is her expression when she moans, or whines (like eeeehh, but more original).

Darn though. She had a sad story. One of my few favorites besides Nayuki.
Ayu: I'm cooking cookies.
Yuuichi: I bet they'll taste terrible.
Ayu: Uguu! I've learned how to bake from Akiko-san!
Yuuichi: You can't learn how to bake with just watching in a day..

..although I'll eat them if you manage to make them look good.
Ayu: Really?! Then I'll do my best!
by Welp June 14, 2004
A Red Light District is a place where prostitution is common. The phrase was based in the Bible where Rahab, a prostitute in Jericho, aided Joshua's spies with a red light.

Interestingly enough, the Japanese word "akasen" (red-line district) is of equal meaning to a red-light district.
Guy 1: Hey, have you ever visited Kabukicho (Japan), Patpong (Thailand), Wanchai (Hong Kong), Sunset Boulevard (California {Hollywood}) and Venus Valley (Montana)? I sure did for the last couple of years, and all were awesome!

Guy 2: Well.. all of the cities you've visited.. they are all red-light districts. I'm sure you had a real "good" time there.
by Welp July 31, 2004
A depressed person's best friend
Ergh. Saw that bitch with a huge white cloth over her wrist? Must've used the razor.
by Welp June 02, 2004
1. What Filipinos use to call someone's attention. Usually said in a loud voice. Similar to Hey!, only with greater force.

2. Norse word meaning "high island", Hoy is one of the Orkney Islands, which is near Britain.

Whoever who said Holla, please. Hoy is way more better because hoy is MUCH MORE Filipino, rather than Holla, which is severely retarded.

Heh heh heh, conform to ghetto azn STYLE </sarcasm>. HAH.
1. Hoy Jimbo! Uwi!

2. I'd like to visit Hoy.
by Welp June 20, 2004
Too.. many.. ARGH.. Japanese.. words.

In Filipino, it has 2 meanings:

1. Cow/Beef
2. Maybe
1. Masyadong maputi yung mga baka doon. (The cows over there are too white)

2. Baka hindi ako makapunta sa sinehan bukas.
(Maybe I can't go to the movies tomorrow)
by Welp May 28, 2004
Drawn porn. They've got all kinds of weird shit happening in and out. Tentacles, aliens, incest etc. In Japan, it simply means "pervert" (well, from what I've been told and read).

Really decent (save for yeah, those other weird types that utterly destroy your sanity if watched for long) as long as you don't start dreaming of those drawn girls, or you'll be digging your own grave.

It's interesting and in a way stimulating. I repeat again: As long as you realize that some weird shit there won't come true, the girls are JUST drawn, the body figures are out of rational proportion and not live in that "drawn" world it's all fine.

There are also dating sims out there and like previously mentioned, are sim-girl -related (Guy meets a lot of girls and screws them all then weird shit happens at the end). However, some do have stories. These games focus more on how to attain the girl in a focused manner without getting too much sex in between (I mean only at the end or if your "chosen path" is the girl you are pursuing; Even at the middle, you'll get laid. Easy shit, CAN be possible, but mostly impossible unless.. I don't know). Not only these sim-girled games focus on one girl, but focus on the whole story in general. All games (H-games) have different genres. Worth your time if you really don't have anything to do, or just want something else to meddle with.

All in all, hentai's good to a degree. Great alternative for real porn. Just realize none of those shit will happen in real life.
Guy 1: Want to watch hentai?
Guy 2: Er.. maybe some other time. I've got a date from our classroom.

Geek: Wow! that hentai is VERY VERY GOOOOOOOD. *drool*
Decent guy: Hey, don't tell me you're taking that drawn shit seriously.
Geek: What did you say?! Are you bashing the almighty hentai?!
Decent Guy: No. I have seen and enjoyed it. Maybe you need to get a fix pal. Those shit ain't real.
Geek: *sob* Why must you destroy my fantasies?!?!
Decent Guy: Whatever. They're good in their own way. Just not wholly worth fantsizing for in general however.
by Welp June 11, 2004
One of the best H-game (or Hentai) game created. Created by Key (company that makes h-games) couple of years back. Reputed for its deep storyline, plot and character development.
I can't give any examples. If you want its synopsis, check elsewhere.
by Welp June 02, 2004

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