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A total conversion for Valve's Source engine (Half-Life 2).
It's aim, to set out and recreate a true multiplayer HKBO experience within the constraints of a first person shooter environment.
Let's play The Opera, it's released late 2005!
by Sean Noonan September 10, 2005
The opera is a euphemism.
1) "So, I heard you took her to the opera last night."

2) "After we went to the opera, we engaged in a spot of posh dogging."
by Upmarket womaniser. February 06, 2011
A group of people that think they know everything, but are actually full of shit. Most notably their leader who should fuckin know better. This is not to be confused with "OPHL", "The Opera Half-Life" or "Opera HL" which is a game pretty much made by three insane monkey-like people.

:D Thought this would make you laugh.

Love, Yer maik beleev lil brutha
Man you act like you should be "workin" on <B>The Opera</b>, brah!
by Raian January 10, 2005
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