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A very handsome guy with alot of attitude.
He got a master in drinking beer.
Nicolai got alot of friends and like to hangout and have alot of fun.

Hate im or love him, you decide he don't care.
that person there is so cool.

yeah, he's is such a Nicolai
by the best guy on earth August 09, 2008
220 57
1. A nerd that doesn't study for tests and exams. He thinks that he is popular but everyone hates him inculding his parents.
2. A nerd whos mother looks like satan (devil)and who's father is addicted to "Wang Thai" and "Voodoo" sexual intercoures.
Oh my God! look its Nicolai that dumb fuck who's mother scares the shit out of me!!
by Richard Stone September 16, 2008
57 180