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One of the most overhyped films of decade, to be fed a load of ..... ****
Holy shit I paid $10 to watch that piece of crap?
by td February 21, 2004
Underrated finale to The Matrix saga, which pits Neo against Agent Smith for one last time while people in the real world fight off Sentinels invading Zion. Better than people said it was and really kick-ass fight at the end with Neo and Smith.
Me: "The Matrix Revolutions" kicked ass!

Random kid in class: It was garbage, admit it. 'You Got Served' will be much better.

Me: Well then, you're just fucking retarded.
by Mister E. February 15, 2004
One of the greatest movies I have seen in my lifetime. A fantastic ending to The Matrix trilogy.

Anybody who says it sucks most likely just didn't understand it, being that the writers didn't just come out and spoon-feed us all the answers to our questions. With a bit of thought though, you will find that all the questions have, infact, been answered, which makes it all the more intriguing.
Dumbass: The Gaytrix Revolutions sucked man.

Fan: What aspect of The Matrix Revolutions did you not appreciate?

Dumbass: Uh...(sputters moronically for a quick comeback)
by Taintfuck November 09, 2005
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