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6 definitions by Daniel Peck

1) Very good movie starring Bill Paxton and Billy Bob Thorton. Directed by Sam Raimi, who would later direct "Spider-Man".

2) Mediocre pop rock band made up of twenty-somethings that sings about how mean their parents are. I don't trust any band with a demographic 10 years younger than they are.
1) Lou Chambers: What you gonna buy, Jakey boy?
Jacob Mitchell: I'm gonna buy me a truck.
Lou Chambers: No, fuck that. Get something classy -- Trans-Am!
Jacob Mitchell: Yeah, in my wildest fuckin' dreams a Trans-Am!

2) "My dad hates me! (Sobs)"
by Daniel Peck December 21, 2003
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A terrorist who attempts to harm American citizens and soldiers, much like Robert E. Lee, Jefferson Davis, and the Confederate Army.
I chuckle when people with Rebel Flags on their pickup trucks talk about how evil Bin Laden is.
by Daniel Peck December 21, 2003
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to mess something up. A reference to the 2003 film "The Matrix: Revolutions", seen by all as a complete letdown to the previous two. Also known as "Phantom Menaced" and "Godfather Threed"
"Dude...you really Matrix Revolutioned that book report."
by Daniel Peck November 10, 2003
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No Ass At All
Brandy is a famous black woman who tragically suffers from Nassitall. As Bill Bellamy once said, "Where's the booty?"
by Daniel Peck June 03, 2004
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a white girl that lies about being Spanish
Christina Aguilera isn't latina...she's latinot.
by Daniel Peck November 10, 2003
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Mesh-netted baseball caps, originally worn by truckers in the late 1970s, made popular in 2003 by Ashton Kutcher. Popular in the closet of a metrosexual.
"Hey guys...like my new John Deere trucker hat? It was only 45 bucks at American Eagle!"

"Piss off."
by Daniel Peck November 10, 2003
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