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A book that is somewhat confusing because of the jumping plots, but one with a lot of good lessons and points, IF YOUR READ CAREFULLY.
SOME PEOPLE (see definition 1) have a self-rightousness problem that they work out by actually reading and understanding The Joy Lick Club
by btc March 24, 2005
The shittiest required to read book one will ever read in high skool. It is basically about mother-daughter relationships and has absolutely no plot line whatsoever. DO NOT READ REPEAT DO NOT READ!!
I never had a relationship with my mother boo hoo hoo. I have two half-sisters in CHINA!!?? OMFG!! I need to see them and realize my chines identity and my connection to my mother!!!! THE END >|
by Jason March 22, 2005
-a very good book written by Amy Tan in which the chapters, in order to not become confusing, may be read in groupings of families instead of in the "correct" order
I had a very difficult quiz on The Joy Luck Club.
by Sexy Shit April 19, 2006
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