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term describing a conditon that occurs in amplifiers and mixing equipment were a signal is put through the equipment that is beyond what that equipment can handle. This results in a chopping off or "clipping" of the signal done to a manageable level, which off causes the loss of some part of the signal. Keeping a signal at a level of clipping for more than a few minutes will kick a amplifier into "protect" mode until it cools off.
Musician to sound man "Keep my guitar turned up pretty good, but don't let it clip, That's what it did last night and it sounded like crap"
by BTC January 15, 2006
A book that is somewhat confusing because of the jumping plots, but one with a lot of good lessons and points, IF YOUR READ CAREFULLY.
SOME PEOPLE (see definition 1) have a self-rightousness problem that they work out by actually reading and understanding The Joy Lick Club
by btc March 24, 2005

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