A sexual manuever. You straddle your girl friend while she is giving you a blow job, when you are about to cum you stick your entire ball sac in her mouth, shoot your load in her eyes and then stick your fingers in her ears temporarily leaving her deaf, dumb and blind...hence The Helen Keller.
I was hanging out with my girl friend last night and gave her the "The Helen Keller" she was not pleased Dude...I've got to go get her some eyes drops, she says they're still burning...
by Benny Blazed April 04, 2009
Top Definition
When someone doesn't talk but uses their body to show what they want. To let one's body do the talking or to dance.
Song: Shush girl, shut your mouth. Do the Helen Keller and talk with your hips.

by Jizz-nelle February 12, 2009
When a girl is giving a guy a blowjob, the guy puts both of his hands over her ears and pulls her as far onto his cock as possible (this works best with a guy who has a large bush and doesn't manscape). Then she can't hear anything, can't see anything, and essentially cannot speak coherently.
Yao gave Kari The Helen Keller and she couldn't see when Adam came in the room to watch.
by Beldar ND May 20, 2007
Ejaculate in a girls mouth, poke her in the eyes and clap her ears, temporarily making her deaf, blind and mumbling, much like Helen Keller.
Mary likes to talk after sex so I decided to give her the Helen Keller to shut her up.
by P-Dizzle-Sizzle February 03, 2010
The intense sexual act of ejaculating into your partner's eyes to the point of loss of vision. Then defecating into their mouth until they speak like charlie brown's teacher. Finally clogging their ears with your pinkies. While preforming these acts you are penetrating them from behind, somewhat like doggy-style. This should give the illusion he/she are deaf, dumb, and blind.
"Shush girl. Shut your lips. Do The Helen Keller and talk with your hips."
"Dude, last night was crazy. Trisha and I did The Helen Keller on her parents bed!"
by PDA522 November 06, 2011
While getting a blow job, blind fold your women, then plug both her ears. While your penis is still in her mouth have her say "water" and listen to the sweet music come out of her mouth, if you can understand her.
I gave your mom the helen keller, and apparently she wants some "wah-wah?"
by schlogden February 18, 2008
This is a complex maneuver involving three separate actions.
1) When a chick is giving you head you pull out and come in her eyes rendering her blind
2) You stick your fingers in her ears rendering her deaf.
3) You put your dick back in her mouth rendering her speechless
thus the helen keller
Tina let me do the helen keller to her last night...amazing!
by Thisisforjaredandbock January 26, 2010
The act in which as you are about to cum, you skeet in the girls ears and eyes that way it makes her temporarily deaf and blind. Then you do whatever you want to her.
I gave this girl the helen keller and then i shit on her pillow and left, she had no clue what was going on because she cou8ldnt hear me or see me.
by 2nd period pandora class May 18, 2010
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