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noun: colloquial term for cocaine
'Tony Yao is a very poor rap artist'

'I got pure yao if your buying'
by razmania August 29, 2008
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A word used to says whatsup, much cooler than the typical overused "yo"
"yao nihha whats good witchu?!"
by Gringo1233 May 12, 2007
a legendary emperor of China who, with his successor (Shun), was a paragon of good government.
Yo Ima let you finish, but Yao was the great emperor of all time.
by Lathrim August 21, 2013
1. An acronym for "You Are Onto Something".

2. An acronym for "You Are On Something".
Lisa: I have just made the greatest dip and would now like to start an enterprise making great dips.
by _en September 03, 2013
1. (Interjection.)
The Ebonics word for "Yo." Used normally as a greeting or to attract another individual's attention.

2. (Adverb.)
The Ebonics word for "Yes" used as a function word to express assent or agreement.
Person 1: "Yao, did you see the Texans beat San Deigo's *** last night 31-28?"
Person 2:"YAO!"

Person 1 used "Yao" in regarding to the first definition, while Person 2 uses "Yao" with respect to the second definition.
by QuazMaster_Flex September 10, 2013
A person that is high on drugs and computer updates.
Damn, that guy is so yao. Look at him; he also goes, "HEHEHHEHEHEHE."
by bakaxbakax February 29, 2008
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