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A phrase used to describe anything cool. Because tits are cool, and anything that is cool is tits!
Also See: Cats Meow, Duck nut's, sweet awesome.
Guy 1: That was intense!
Guy 2: Did u just say that was tits?
Guy 1: No but i think we just made up a sweet new word.
Guy 2: That's Tits!
by cmoy January 15, 2009
26 15
A way to say something is perfect or just right. It can also be intesified by applying frickin' or fuckin' before tits instead of "that's"
Guy 1: This girl wants me!
Guy 2: That's tits, bro

It would be fuckin' tits if she went home with me!

by Bob's your uncle September 20, 2006
131 35
Saying something is cool in slang
Dude have you seen my car? Yea man it's tits!
by The J man March 03, 2005
74 21
An expression used about somthing being "cool" or "hip".
I went to lake Havasue yesterday.

Oh Really? Thats tits!
by braelyn April 21, 2008
5 8
disapointed at a meaning,the look of a certain figure,or situation
i thought that chick was hot but when she turned around i thought to myself, thats tits
by miguelbhotohair December 27, 2007
10 43