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A phrase used to describe anything cool. Because tits are cool, and anything that is cool is tits!
Also See: Cats Meow, Duck nut's, sweet awesome.
Guy 1: That was intense!
Guy 2: Did u just say that was tits?
Guy 1: No but i think we just made up a sweet new word.
Guy 2: That's Tits!
by cmoy January 15, 2009
How a dumb person might spell Baja.
Man texting his friend: hey bro the have the baha 1000 on spike tv!
Friend: Don't you mean the Baja 1000? U are a fucking errorist from hell...
by cmoy January 15, 2009
The act of talking about guy stuff. IE: tools, cars, porn. Usually a discussion on a topic that women do not have any knowledge about. Synonyms: Man-speak, Grunting.
Originated from Tim "the toolman" Taylor.
Girl 1: Do you have any idea what they are talking about?
Girl 2: No, I think they are speaking guyanese...
by cmoy January 15, 2009
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